With love for the Motherland:
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Nothing to be afraid of


In my project, I thoroughly explore the issue of the seemingly invisible danger of Moscow airspace pollution by airborne radioactive waste, triggered by disturbance of hazardous burial site with South-Eastern Highway construction.

I rigorously build a comprehensive narrative with field photography, the reenactment of actual events, borrowed texts and visual elements.
This work is profoundly personal, myself being a lifetime Moskvoreche-Saburovo resident, the area nearby within a burial site.

For almost an entire year, I studied a subject visiting the site with ecology and physics scientists, activists, and locals, witnessed protests ensue, and participated in them.

Moreover, I was captivated with general public perception by a phenomenon of social perception of the problem, which I address in the project, capturing behavior and reaction of authorities and the city community to a potential threat.


2021 - Installation (metal, tube, corrugated tube, couplers, soil).

The work was done in the prison castle (also the former house of the Udarnik) in Borovsk as part of the UDAR residence.


2021 Nothing to be afraid of



Dmitry Pechurin (b.1992) is a photographer and visual artist. Lives and works in Moscow, Russia


2023-2024 Workshop of Margo Ovcharenko

2021 Course on creating books at the Rodchenko Art School, Moscow

2019-2022 POLEZRENIYA of photography, Moscow


2023 PhMuseum Photography Grant, Main Prize Shortlist
2022 Young Photographers of Russia, shortlist
2021 Fotobookmarket dummy award, shortlist


2023 Jakarta International Photo Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
2023 PhMuseum Days festival, Bologna, Italy
2023 Verzasca Foto, Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

Group exhibitions

2022 Young Photography Week, Art platform "House of Da Vinci", Novosibirsk, Russia
2022 All-Russian Week of Young Photography, Museum complex "Peace Square", Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2022 Zherdella Festival, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
2022 Days of young photography, Octave, Tula, Russia
2022 Young Photographers of Russia, Innovative Cultural Center (ICC), Kaluga, Russia
2022 Nizina Fest, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2021 Fotobookmarket dummy award, Souzpechat Gallery, Vinzavod, Moscow, Russia
2021 Data 6, Zverevsky Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2020 Dada and Democracy, ARTDOC Photography Magazine (online)
2020 Kvartmarket, Moscow, Russia

Selected publications

The Calvert Journal
Landscape Stories Blog
FK Magazine
SEEN Magazine